California Arts Academy is a Performing Arts Studio in Fresno, CA featuring Dance, Theater, Music, and Visual Art.  We offer approximately 280 classes each week for all ages, newborn through adult, and all skill levels, beginning through Professional.  Garden Ballet is a full-length, original story ballet, professionally costumed, produced, and performed production featuring Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop, Gymnastics and more.  For more information on California Arts Academy, please visit our website: www.calartsacademy.com.  

Mr. Daniel Chavez Jr is directing our 2017 Garden Ballet.  He is a cornerstone of our Performing Arts School.  He holds us together as Artistic Director of the school, guiding us towards a professional and polished, yet warm and welcoming, studio.  He has built our successful Musical Theater program from the ground up.  He also coaches and mentors in our Jazz, Gymnastics, and Tap programs.